Our Global Climate Partners

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Protecting Ecosystems

Reducing Emissions

Law + Standards

Frontline Action


Protecting Ecosystems

Preserving and restoring key carbon sinks, such as forests, peatlands and oceans

Montpelier Foundation

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Global Forest Watch (World Resources Institute)
Monitoring and analyzing forests and deforestation using satellite technology.

European Climate Foundation (Land Use)
Supporting a portfolio of projects to reduce Europe’s agricultural emissions and deforestation supply chains.

Tenure Facility
Increasing the finance available for forest communities to secure land tenure.

Snowchange Cooperative
Supporting land conservation and forest fire response capacity in the Arctic boreal.

Gecko Project
Investigating illegal deforestation and related supply chains in Indonesia.

Rainforest Action Network
Advocating for companies to reduce their deforestation, with a focus on Indonesia.

Blue Marine Foundation (UK Bottom Trawling)
Transitioning away from bottom trawling and dredging and improving protection of Marine Protected Areas in the UK.

Environmental Investigation Agency
Preventing deforestation in the Congo Basin through investigations, monitoring and policy. 

Reducing Emissions

Addressing leaks of greenhouse gases, such as methane, in energy systems, and supporting their transition

Montpelier Foundation

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Global Methane Hub
Collaborating with funders to support a portfolio of projects tackling methane emissions globally.

Clean Air Task Force
Providing technical assistance to African governments and civil society on methane reduction within their oil and gas supply chains.

Environmental Defense Fund
Providing research & support to Global South governments on methane reduction within their oil and gas supply chains.

Law and Standards

Ensuring accountability from governments and corporates

Law and Standards

Client Earth
Using legal action, including litigation, to push for climate responsibility from government & corporates.

Using the law to protect the environment and rights of people across the globe.

Plan Vivo Foundation
Improving processes and strengthening Global South capacity at this carbon Standard that prioritises communities.

Frontline Action

Supporting citizens globally in protecting our planet

Nikita Lalwani / BYCS

Photo: Nikita Lalwani / BYCS

UMI Fund
Directing funding to a portfolio of climate movements, particularly in the Global South.

Climate 2025
Providing technical assistance to a portfolio of diverse climate movements.

Global Greengrants Fund UK
Directing funding to grassroots groups protecting planet & human rights.

Environmental Defenders Collaborative
Protecting at-risk frontline environmental defenders.


Communicating strategically to decision-makers and the public to encourage climate action

Montpelier Foundation

Climate Culture (Rare)
Turning personal climate action into collective impact.

Potential Energy Coalition
Educating the public about climate change and building support for nonpartisan government action.

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